VR Application in health

  • Another application of 360 film and virtual reality is in medicine. It can be used especially in the corona period when the vaccination process is underway.
  • The first is used in the operating room for surgeries where local anesthesia occurs. This feature is used to distract the patient from the environment and create peace in him. The next case is vaccination of children. This program is produced publicly and once.
  • The use of virtual reality in medicine is very widespread. For example, this technology has been used in pain management for patients undergoing treatment that inflicts irreparable pain, such as cancer.
  • Cancer patient pain therapy can be helped and controlled. Consider other treatments for high pain, such as high-grade burns, physiotherapy, limb fractures, and open wounds. When patients use a VR headset, the technology is used to draw attention to the brain and confuse the pain path by drawing their minds to suffering. Dentists also use this technology to relieve patients when extracting their teeth or performing root canals and other dental surgeries.