VR Application in industry and marketing

  • It is one of the main applications of the VR is in the industry. With the help of 360-degree filming of factories, a show of the introduction of the factory or its products is prepared and this film is placed interactively on the VR headset. This program is dedicated and a unique program is produced for each factory.
  • The idea for the factory will be like a virtual factory tour, except that unlike a virtual tour, a directed film is used, and secondly, virtual reality glasses are used, which creates a very different feeling in the user. Examples in the world use animation and graphic mode to introduce a factory or product, but in this way this is done with 360 video. The advantage of the movie to the animation is, first of all, the more realistic environment. Second, production time is much shorter than animation. In this case, the factory owner always has a copy of the factory or product introduction in his bag, and with the slogan “Put your factory in your bag”, he can always and at any time introduce his factory in a completely VIP way. . In this case, there is no need to visit the factory in person.
  • You can walk in the factory using virtual reality. This feature is very different when the factory participates in a large exhibition. In addition to introducing the factory, this idea can also be used to introduce products in large exhibitions. And factory owners can present their products at exhibitions as a virtual reality to visitors.