Face Recognition

  • Simultaneous processing of multiple faces online with a detection accuracy of 99.9 %
  • Ability to connect to alarm systems, electronic doors and gates
  • Quick face recognition and matching
  • Flexible against the face and how the face is positioned (Multi Pose)
  • Record different examples of a face ( with or without glasses, with or without beards and mustaches, with or without laughter, etc.)
  • Features generalization mode ( processing different images of a face and extracting important features and storing them in a database and forming a pattern of recorded features that significantly enhances the quality of face recognition Increases substantially.
  • Face detection of more than 5000 users per system in advanced version With only one photo
  • Has a Windows-based software for adding and editing user information
  • Capable of reporting differently to employers
  • Ability to save images when alerting anonymous
  • Ability to define specific functionality to the employer, such as determining the maximum number of visit per person to a place
  • Operating capability in light conditions 0-5000 Lux
  • Ability to install on cameras IP
  • Detection time less than 0.2 seconds
  • English User Interface
  • At a competitive price compared to other similar systems
  • Connect to backup site and send data to guard cell phone
  • Ability to connect to a variety of cameras
  • VIP Person
    Hotel Customer you register, the customer will come after 1 year and it will recognize when he comes in to hotel. This customer came one year after and it was known the food was not good the last time based on his feedback, this time the staff can make special treatment to make sure he likes the food and what ever he was not happy about is compensated in this visit. The reception person can tell hello Mr. so and so last time you visited us but you where unhappy with our food service we will make sure this time you wont face problem with it. This will give a special feeling for customer. Can alert by mobile when a VIP enters.
    When you are a regular customer the face application can alert the staff he is a regular customer to give VIP treatment. This can be centralized so that when the VIP person enters to any branch of shop/hotel/store still it will give information to staff.
  • For Doctor – When the patient comes in automatically upload his documents.
  • Booking for services – When you buy your service for Gym for example though site you upload your photo and in any branch you go it will identify and let you in and no other person can go in. No need to any ticket etc.
  • Rich people data base
    Photo of rich people train the system and inform the face recognition buyer, say for an exhibition or stall or shop (for gold shops etc) we can identify and inform the shop person that he a rich man so better chance to convert to sales.
  • Security
    For example shopping centers known thief when enters can be alerted. In factory when an employee in office saying i will just go out and come but wont  come back , the system can identify. Or a person tries to enter a place where he doesn’t have permission to go.

Business Model - Face Recognition

Business Model

  • Provide SDK to application developers to develop face based application
  • Provide ready application for face based identification with customization if needed.
  • Provide application for VIP identification
  • Provide custom application for customers.
  • Service Model – Each time request for identification charge a fee. .