Multivariate data analysis on the cloud for Spectrometers and Camera analysis


The model central location enables its training using multiple data sources that can be spread all over the world, i.e. for a global modelling. Powerful computational resources that can be involved into the remote computing are necessary to solve modern “big data” problems. The main advantages of having multivariate “on a cloud” are related to the central hosting of the data and models that facilitates their use and share. The data can be easily uploaded from a spectroscopic device and analyzed. The data analysis work is therefore automatically backed-up and synchronized. Its a full-featured multivariate toolbox for quantitative, qualitative and exploratory data analysis.

The cloud platform will be so simple that any customer who wants to develop an application would only need to tell the cloud what parameters he needs to measure and provide to the cloud training data. Once the training is done the model using AI algorithms will be able to predict any future sampling. The models could be used for classification and prediction .

The Process

  • Contract – Tell us more about your needs we will determine if our cloud platform is a good fit. In case of customization and support are required we follow the below additional processes.
  • Plan – We generate a timeline and list of resources necessary to the project.
  • Build – Our Engineer can collect data , develop custom algorithm and complete the database.
  • Deploy – Start using our spectrometer and custom database in the filed using our cloud.
  • Maintain – We will work with you to maintain and update database as needed.