Retail Analytics

  • System uses computer vision and AI to address challenges in physical retail /brand store by automatically keeping track of the inventory of the products placed on retail store shelves. This is achieved by capturing live feeds from retail cameras or newly installed cameras, processing live video feeds form the camera locally via an edge node and then relaying the inventory data to cloud server for further processing.
  • Monitoring customer preferences and product availability in retail stores to provide better consumer experience.
  • Enhance sales and maintain customer experience by simplified planogram compliance check using shelf images
  • Auto Check out like Amazon Go
  • Traffic sense – Know: Individual visitors and group walk-in count. Peak Hours across day and week.
  • Customer sense – Know: Unique visitor intelligence specific to your business. For eg: how many visitors were wearing glasses?
  • Aisle sense  Know: In which department/aisle are your visitors spending the most time? which path is most commonly taken? Which spots are most under-utilized?
  • Ad sense Know: which ads capture more attention, Where should you place the ads to get most visibility?