Smart phone based diagnosis and Vital sign monitoring

The measurement of physiological parameters is fundamental to assess the health status of an individual. The contactless monitoring of vital signs provide benefits in various fields of application, from healthcare and clinical setting to occupational and sports scenarios. Using signal processing and deep learning AI models to predict physiological and psychological affects.

Wound Analysis

Wound Analysis Wound classification and Segmentation is one of the newest and most challenging new medical issues in artificial intelligence. Using this method, the extent

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Respiration Rate

Respiration Rate The respiration rate is the number of breaths a person takes per minute. The rate is usually measured when a person is at

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SpO2 Oxygen saturation (SpO2) is another vital sign monitored to evaluate a person’s general health. Oxygen saturation is measure of how much oxygen the red

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Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability Heart rate variability is where the amount of time between your heartbeats fluctuates slightly. They can still indicate current or future health

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Heart Rate

Heart Rate The heart rate vital sign measures the number of times the heart beats per minute. The normal resting heart rate for a healthy

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