Spectroscopy and Analytics​

Spectroscopy and Analytics

For many years, Spectroscopy has been a technology used for biochemical analysis, but was – until now – too costly, taking too much space and, therefore, not adapted to be used by the general public.

Today, the miniaturization of these technologies allows us to consider particularly innovative use in both consumer and industrial markets.

Thanks to their small size and affordable production cost, these new sensors became objects that can be connected to the Internet or to companies’ networks.

These sensors can easily send data about the observed matter. Our cloud solutions allow the treatment of the data to a high degree of accuracy, efficiently analyzing the matter and instantly producing results about the composition or the transformation of the observed product.

The Spectrometer market belongs to the company which can roll out different applications on the shortest possible time and this can only be achieved by providing a platform for the customers to develop custom applications.  As these require sophisticated software which are expensive and are created by specialists, but it should not be intended for specialists only. The final product of multivariate data analysis on the cloud is a model that is aimed at solving various practical problems by different customers, who may be not aware of factor spaces. Connecting specialists and customers can be effectively performed in the cloud and this is one of the main missions of multivariate data analysis on the cloud where the customer need not be aware of the complicated mathematics behind the screen.

The cloud platform will be so simple that any customer who wants to develop an application would only need to tell the cloud what parameters he needs to measure and provide to the cloud training data. Once the training is done the model using AI algorithms will be able to predict any future sampling. The models could be used for classification and prediction .

Paired via Wi-Fi to the cloud the spectrometer can provides a wide range of life-enhancing application to check the freshness of tuna/salmon, identify the cocoa level in different types of chocolate and many other applications.

Multivariate data analysis on the cloud for Spectrometers and Camera analysis

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