Health care solutions

AI and Machine Learning have transformed how we process information and are playing a vital role in revolutionizing healthcare practices.

Artificial intelligence can be used to help and guide the doctor in better diagnosing the disease and with the rapid growth of this field, it is hoped that in the not-too-distant future, artificial intelligence will be able to detect diseases with much greater accuracy much sooner than the disease progresses.

One of our goals is to create platform to make lab test conducted at the comfort of your home as well provide inexpensive intelligent clinical test equipment’s to labs. With this inexpensive platform, a person can perform all the usual tests at home and get a report. If a specific problem is observed in a person, we can refer him to a specialist doctor.

Our platform can perform the following tests routine urine test, HRV, SPO2,Wound healing process, Eye health, ECG , non invasive breast cancer and more. More test parameters are getting added to our platform. Users use these devices and their services at home, at work, or anywhere else, without the hassle of frequent, time-consuming, and costly visits.


We have developed test strip reader to cater to 3 different market segments. We have smart phone based as well spectroscopy and CCD camera based solutions. We have home device edition, lab device edition and smart phone edition. With the same level of accuracy and sensitivity as the lab’s spectrometer, this device can be used to test any test reagent that has color variation after chemical reactions. With the availability of test reagent, a wide range of testing applications such as urine tests, blood tests, food safety tests, water quality, and pesticides test, etc can be applied and covered. This model is also a multi-purpose device, which can be used to test both urine and blood test parameters in one device.

Smart phone based diagnosis and Vital sign monitoring

The measurement of physiological parameters is fundamental to assess the health status of an individual. The contactless monitoring of vital signs provide benefits in various fields of application, from healthcare and clinical setting to occupational and sports scenarios. Using signal processing and deep learning AI models to predict physiological and psychological affects.

Thermal Imaging

Researchers around the world are employing infrared (IR) cameras to capture and record temperature variations on the skin for medical diagnostic purposes. By analyzing the images, researchers glean information on metabolic and vascular activity to recognize abnormal changes in physiology.

Thermal imaging is used to study a broad number of diseases where skin temperature can reflect the presence of inflammation in underlying tissues or where blood flow is increased or decreased due to a clinical irregularity. Currently, many physicians employ thermal imaging cameras to detect a number of medical conditions, such as arthritis, repetitive strain injury, muscular pain, and circulatory problems. 

Low Cost AI assisted Microscopy

Microscopic analysis of biological matter, especially blood and urine, remains one of the most in-demand diagnostic techniques today. However, access to microscopic analysis is hindered by 1) manual sample analysis and 2) the high-cost of the test equipment1. Largely due to these factors, microscopic analysis is almost exclusively performed in major hospitals and offsite clinical laboratories. Our low-cost and automated microscopic system would allow microscopic tests to be performed at the point-of-care and at-home settings. Our device has multiple advantages, including allowing patients to monitor health conditions at home (e.g. for chronic conditions), reducing the frequency of physician visits, enabling physicians to make more rapid and accurate decisions in clinics, and increasing the likelihood of diagnosing a disease early.